Offending The Little Children

One of the most arresting statements ever made by Jesus during his sojourn on earth was concerning the offending of children. He said it would be better for one to have a millstone tied around his neck and be cast into the sea.

An old woman was noticed to be picking up something in the street — a poor slum street. The policeman on the beat noticed the womans action and watched her very suspiciously. Several times he saw her stoop, pick up something, and hide it in her apron. Finally, he went up to her and with a gruff voice and threatening manner demanded, “What are you carrying off in your apron?” The timid woman did not answer at first, whereupon the officer, thinking that she must have found something valuable, threatened her with arrest. The woman opened her apron and revealed a handful of broken glass. “I just thought I would like to take it out of the way of the children’s feet,” she said. Oh, how we need people like this timid little woman who cared about what hurts “children’s feet.”

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