The Power of Purpose

From the Reader's Digest we have the following:

“One morning I watched a couple of cowpunchers going out to bring in a wild steer from his range in the mountains. They took along one of those shaggy lit­tle gray donkeys—a burro. Now a big three-year-old steer that's been running loose in the timber is a tough customer tin handle. But those cowboys had the technique. They got a rope on the steer and then they tied him neck and neck, right up close, to the burro.

“When they let go, that burro had a bad time. The steer threw him all over the place. He banged him against trees, rocks, into bushes. Time after time they both went down. But there was one great difference between the burro and the steer. The burro had a purpose in mind. He wanted to go home. And no matter how often the steer threw him, every time the burro got to his feet he took a step nearer the corral. This went on and on. After about a week the burro showed up at ranch headquarters. He had with him the tamest and sorriest looking steer you ever saw. (Arthur Kudner, in The Atlantic Monthly).”

If one were expected to point out the morals in this story he might observe that much beef, brains, gifts, or educa­tion amount to little unless there is some worth-while and well-established purpose in control of the large resources.

Then, of course, that burro, lacking much in size and weight, put all he had in one direction and kept on doing it. And as surely as you live, some men and women who have been, figuratively speak­ing, no bigger than the burro, have ob­tained their own purposes and the pur­poses of God in their lives because of what pull they had always in one direction.

So it is not so much your size but your eternally determined direction that counts.

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