The Preacher’s Interview

A young preacher was being interviewed by the elders of a congregation looking for the services of a full time preacher. One of the elders was a hard working Irishman who looked sternly at the young man as they sat around a conference table. He asked gruffly, “Young man, did the Lord send you here?”

The young man was taken aback a bit and replied, “I don’t know if the Lord sent me here or not. I heard you need a preacher and just came by to find out of you would be interested in me as your next preacher.”

The elder paused a second or so, raised his voice a little and asked again, “Young man, did the Lord send you to us?”

At somewhat of a loss for words, the young man said, “Well, I just stopped by here to talk with you about . . .”

The elder interrupted him again and forcefully asked, “Just tell us right now – did the Lord send you to us?”

Finally, the young man gathered up his courage and said, “I guess not. I just wanted to talk to you about the work.”

“That’s the best news I’ve heard since we’ve been looking for a preacher,” the elder replied. “The last four that preached for us all assured us the Lord sent them and we made the mistake of believing them. All four we hired caused us more trouble than we could ever take care of.”

And with that, he added, “You suit me fine – your honest.”

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