Prime the Pump

A thirsty man crossing the desert stumbled upon a well with an old-fashioned hand-operated pump. Hanging on the pump handle was a small jar of water with a crude sign: “Prime the pump first and it'll give you all the water you need. Then leave the jar full of water so the next traveler can prime the pump.”

The man was so thirsty that he was tempted to gulp down the water and ignore the sign. Finally, he decided to pour half the water into the pump handle. Sure enough, after a few minutes, the water expanded the seal in the pump handle and he began to pump up an ample supply of clear, cold water. He went away with his thirst quenched and his canteen filled as well.

Being a faithful steward is something like priming the pump. When we take our eyes off ourselves and think about the needs of others, we are inevitably blessed in the process. One of the great joys of life is to be a pump primer in the cause of Christ.

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