Let’s Proselyte

A Proselyte is, “a person who has been converted from one religion, opinion, or party to another.” - Webster. 

That describes the work of the Lord’s people. Making converts is our main business. Converting people from sin, error and the devil is perfectly right and proper. Some, however, look with opprobrium on the practice of “proselyting.”

Granted, it is wrong to “proselyte” a person away from truth. Jesus said that the Pharisees made a person they proselyte “two-fold more the child of hell” than themselves (Matt. 23:15).

The very best thing you can ever do for a person in error is to proselyte him or her to the truth. People in denominationalism, Catholicism, or Judaism are in danger of being lost. Who but the Lord’s people can convert them to the truth?

We must be zealous to teach the truth in proselyting. It is said that the Pharisees would “compass land and sea to make one proselyte,” but most of us will not go next door, or pick up the phone to try reaching someone with truth. Shame on us all. -- DRS

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