Regular Attendance As Seen By Some

I missed you Sunday as I walked to my pew,

I looked all around but did not see you.

I asked a sister if she knew where you were,

But a shrug of the shoulder was all I got from her.

I went on to a seat and got settled in,

Opened my book to the selected hymn.

I kept looking back as starting time drew near,

I still did not see you and I started to fear.

Could you be sick alone in your bed?

As I wondered I scratched my head.

I should have called on you last week,

But I had too many appointments I wanted to keep.

Well, no use to worry about it now,

I tried to keep the worried look off of my brow.

I looked around the room, so many strange faces,

I wondered if they came from different places.

Maybe a church had a big split,

And we got some that left from it.

Whatís that song, I donít know the tune,

But then I ainít been here since last June.

I made a promise that I would do better,

Before the Elders sent me a letter. - Don Boice


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