Religious Frogs, by Bill Lambert

I don’t know why frogs hop from one lily pad to the other, unless they think the scenery will be better or that they will find something else they like better. They may even be searching for the perfect lily pad, where everything is to their liking.

Some people are religious frogs in that they are continually hopping from one denomination to another, according to their whim.

Some Christians can’t seem to be content to remain in one congregation  -  they keep moving. Maybe they, too, are looking for the “perfect” congregation, i.e. one where everything is to their liking, perhaps a liberal congregation in which some “pet” idea they have will not be looked upon harshly. When they are again frustrated, they may quit attending any established congregation and begin meeting with their family in their home. Eventually, they may start their own congregation, where they can do what they want. If they lose control there, they may tire of looking among Christians and broaden their search, which they cannot do without first broadening their thinking, something they have really been doing all along. They start visiting the denominations, usually beginning with a “conservative” Christian Church, especially if they are soft on the question of instrumental music. After a slight initial shock, they may feel themselves right at home in this environment.

Once they get into this situation, it will be easy for them to continue to hop from one denomination to another, each more liberal than the last one. The development of their digression has been so slight and so slow, they may claim they have “always felt this way.” If it is someone you have known for sometime, you know that it is not true - they are trying to convince themselves.

One brother expressed how the digressive path was being traveled by a mutual friend. He observed that in each succeeding step taken, that person had already been there in his mind. There may be a sense of excitement when one actually finds himself among those he has already visited in his mind. But the liberal mind is restless, and with no goal it is challenged to explore other, more liberal, avenues. While its goal is indistinct, its direction is unmistakable - it is away, like the Prodigal Son, into that “far country,” away from God, from clear principles of truth once known and loved, from the teaching of godly parents, from the fellowship of brothers and sisters strong in the faith. What a sad thing to be said of one of God’s children - “He has gone away.” He may have a lot of company, but he is alone without God. “Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God...” (2 John 9)  - 1305 Fern Street Athens, AL 35611

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