Rescued By A Raven

My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” -Philippians 4: 19.

Many years ago, a German peasant named Dobry lived in a village near Warsaw. Because of unforeseen financial problems, he had not been able to pay his rent and the landlord was threatening to evict him. Dobry pleaded for more time, but the landlord told him that the next day he and his family would be turned out into the snow.

Hearing the church bells chime for evening prayer, Dobry and his loved ones knelt to ask the Lord to sup­ply their needs. After prayer they rose to their feet and sang the words of an old hymn: Commit thou all thy griefs and ways into His hands.”

. As they finished singing, they heard a strange tap­ping at the window. Dobry opened it and found a raven that his grandfather had tamed many years before. In its beak was a valuable ring. It had been lost that day by the king who was visiting the town. Dobry returned it, and the king rewarded him with enough money to build a house of his own.

God doesnt always provide in such a dramatic way. But such experiences encourage us. He is alive. He knows our needs. He will provide.

If you are Gods child and youre facing a crisis, remember, the Lord still has His unexpected ravens of supplyto meet your deepest need.

He clothes the lilies, feeds the birds;

Would He to you then pay less heed?

Look up to Him with prayerful heart,

He will supply your every need. -Renfrow


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