Satisfied With Riches?

Two men went into a church to pray. One was a prosperous citizen, and the other a poor school teacher.

The prominent citizen stood and prayed thus: “Oh Lord I thank Thee that I am not like these professional men, even as this poor teacher. I pay half the teacher’s salary. It is my money that built this church. I subscribe liberally to foreign missions, and to all the work of the church. It is my money that advanceth Thy Cause!”

The schoolteacher was quite different. He bowed his head in humility and prayed: “Oh God, be merciful unto me! I was that man's teacher!”

Very few people are satisfied with earthly riches. Often the richer the man the greater the poverty. Somebody has said that getting riches brings care; keeping them brings trouble; abusing them brings guilt; and losing them brings sorrow. It is a great mistake to make so much of riches as we do. But there are some riches that we cannot praise too much, that never pass away. They are the treasures laid up in heaven for those who truly belong to God. — Daily Gems

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