Serving God’s Purpose

“After these things the Lord appointed other seventy also, and sent them two and two before his face into every city and place, whither he himself would come.”—Luke 10:1.

HOW to serve Gods purpose? The Scriptural text answers the question. And if Gods purpose is not being served in these days as should be, one of the reasons is the reluctance or refusal of those professing allegiance to Him to be among the “seventy.”

The amazing thing in life today is the inconsistency of those who are nominal Christians and Church members. By their confessions and by their covenants they admit Gods purpose to be the chief aim of their earthly existence, yet they do and say so little about it.

This strange attitude is not true of a man with his political party, his lodge, his favorite baseball team, his golf, his travels. In these fields men talk and do lustily, yet none of these pursuits nor anything else is a minute fraction as important as God’s purpose which, by their church affiliations and other vows, men concede is the supreme objective of life.

The tragic reticence of men and women to discuss Gods purpose with other folks is significant not as hypocrisy but as a reflection on their reason. A person who accepts Christs religion accepts it as the dominant objective, besides which all else is vanity. When that person fails to carry that message wherever he goes, not only does he stultify himself, but, more important, he obstructs the expansion of Gods Kingdom and halts the process of making this a better world. It is because men forget or refuse to accept membership in the Lord’s seventy” that Gods purpose is hindered.

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