The Simplest Advertising

When John Grisham wrote a book called A Time To Kill, it sold just five thousand copies in hard cover. It wasn’t advertised…ever made a list or was reviewed by anybody.

Then he wrote The Firm, and it wasn’t advertised either. It was hardly reviewed, and the reviews it got weren’t very good. But people read it and liked it and told other people they liked it and The Firm sold seven million copies.

John Grisham has written several other books, and over the years his books have been on the number 1 best seller list.

His books were successful not because of advertising, not because of the publisher’s clever marketing plan, but because somebody liked the book. I guess a lot of people liked the book and told other people, until millions of these books have been sold.

Since we love Jesus, and have experienced Him, we need to tell others about Him. Neither newspapers, nor magazines are going to promote His love and grace, so we Christians must share Him boldly and loudly with others.

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