Six Qualities of Strong Families

Nicholas Stinnett, after studying many families, isolated the following qualities as characteristics of stable, loving families.

  1. In strong families, members express a great deal of appreciation for each other. They look for the best qualities in each other.
  2. Strong families spend time together. This is not a forced kind of thing; they genuinely enjoy being together.
  3. These families are deeply committed to promoting one another's happiness and welfare. They actively try to make life more enjoyable for the family.
  4. Strong families have good communication. They talk to each other, listen to each other, and fight constructively (by getting their disagreements out in the open).
  5. Most strong families are religious. This is more than "going to church." It involves a commitment to a spiritual lifestyle.
  6. Strong families are able to deal with crises in a positive manner. They are united by a crisis instead of being fragmented by it. Through it all, they remain supportive of one another.

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