Someday I Would Be Good Enough to Teach

William Graves, editor of National Geographic maga­zine, made a speech in which he included this story.

Years ago, after a celebrated international career on the stage, the world-famous violinist Jascha Heifetz became a professor of music at UCLA. When someone asked him why he had left the glamour of performing to become a teacher, Heifetz answered, “Violin-playing is a perishable art. It must be passed on; otherwise it is lost.” Then he went on to say, “I remember my old violin professor in Russia. He said that (if I worked hard enough) someday I would be good enough to teach.”

• The mediocre teacher tells.

• The good teacher explains.

• The superior teacher demon­strates.

• The great teacher inspires.

—Progress Magazine, December 23, 1992

Whereunto I am appointed a teacher ...” - 2 Timothy 1:11

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