Start With the Right Seed

Everything in life teaches us that in order to finish well there must be a good start. That is true in any kind of endeavor. The Lord’s church began with a good start as the seed of the kingdom was sown in hearts laden with sin.

Please Read Matthew 13:1-19.

Jesus explained that the seed is the word of the kingdom (verse 19). Those who need to hear the word are sinners. The parable says at least one of four things will happen when the seed is sown.  The seed falling by the way side will not produce salvation. The seed falling on rocky places will produce a Christian only temporarily. The seed falling among thorns and thistles will produce saved persons who never fully commit their everything to Christ. Such Christians allows worldliness to debilitate the effectiveness and power of the word of God. The seed falling on good soil will produce a Christian who is dedicated to following the Lord. This is the one who does not grow weary in doing right. He knows, “in due time” he will reap a bountiful harvest.

Start sowing the seed right where you are. Let no opportunity pass. Your own family may need the saving power of the seed. Are your children under the influence of the saving seed of the gospel of salvation, or has the world around them kept them from hearing the word and obeying it?

To keep saved the seed of the kingdom must remain within the heart of a Christian. John wrote, “Whoever is begotten of God doeth no sin, because his seed abideth in him, and he cannot sin” (1 John 3:9). As long as a Christian is under the influence of the seed he cannot practice a life of habitual sin. Is temptation to sin stronger than the word in your heart? If so, sow some more seed.

An excellent way to sow more seed is the be present every time the word is taught. Take advantage of every single opportunity to know what power the seed has. Insist that your family set aside some time to allow God’s word a place in your daily life. Sowing the seed will produce a saved person -- sowing more seed will preserve that salvation to the end. - DRS

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