Taking care of your Bible

In a small New England town, a grandmother came to visit her grand daughters and she brought a brand new Bible for each of them.  She told them that on her next visit the one who had taken the best care of her Bible would get a nice crisp $5 bill.

Jane wrapped her Bible up in a clean linen towel and placed it in her dresser drawer where it would be safe.  Jenny the curious one, opened hers up and started reading it. While reading John’s account of the crucifixion of the Lord, tears began to run down her face and they fell on the pages of her Bible.  She continued to read her Bible every day.  Soon, the pages became dog eared and stained with her tears that she shed every time she read it.  She had decided that Jane could have the $5 bill when Grandma came again.

A couple of months went by and one bright warm morning grandma came back just like she had promised.  Both girls rushed out to greet her.  After they got settled in the parlor the grandmother asked to see their Bibles.  Jane was all smiles as she unwrapped the still new book and proudly displayed it for her grandmother.  Jenny hesitated a moment and then very slowly, handed her Bible over to her grandmother.  As she turned the tear stained pages the grandmothers eyes filled with tears and she reached out and pulled Jenny close to her.  “Child, you have taken the best care of your Bible and the $5 bill is yours.”  Jane was in shock as she stared in disbelief at Jenny’s Bible and then at hers still in pristine condition.  “I don’t understand Grandmother” she said.  “Mine is still brand new and hers is tattered and torn.”

The grandmother reached out and pulled both children into her lap. “You see my dear children, a Bible is best cared for when used.

Donald Boice

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