Winter's Here!

Temperatures are dropping. Along with that drop comes a drop in attendance. It is strange that it is seldom so cold outside that shopping malls lose customers, especially during holidays. Football games are not lacking in attendance even though the thermometer drops precariously close to zero. Make a special effort to see that cold weather does not keep you from worship and Bible study.



Where Are You?

Assembling together for worship and Bible study is the duty of every Christian. That means Sunday morning, evening, and Wednesday evening. Where are you Sunday and Wednesday night? Do you please God by being where you are, doing what you do on those evenings?

Study the Word

Study is required in all educational endeavors. Employers will come nearer hiring one who has diligently studied a given trade or vocation than one who has not. God uses those who have ;a working knowledge of His word. That comes only through study of the word. Wednesday evening and Sunday morning, Bible classes are provided for those who seek to be workmen approved of God. Be present at all Bible classes.

Pulled from Under Anyone Lately ?

It is sinful for brethren to cause others to fall. "Be careful, however, that the exercise of your freedom does not become a stumbling block to the weak" (1:Cor. 8:9).


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