Ten Things No “Pentecostal” Preacher Can Do

 1. Preach the same gospel the apostles preached.

 2. Speak in “other tongues” as the Apostles, and other New Testament Christians did.

 3. Be instrumental (in any way) in a miraculous healing of any kind of physical disease or   disorder.

 4. Receive Holy Spirit (Ghost) baptism as the apostles did.

 5. Raise a dead person back to life as Jesus and the apostles did.

 6. Produce one passage of scripture authorizing the right of any form of modern “Pentecostalism” to exist.

 7. Obey Christ and remain in any form of modern “Pentecostalism.”

 8. Preach on TV or radio without asking for money.

 9. Accept the Bible as the sole source of divine influence.

10. Prove they are Christians.

Nine of these are so true, there is no possible way they can be denied.  Number eight is true, but it would be easy for some “Pentecostal” preacher to deny it -- in practice.  Will they? -- Dudley Ross Spears

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