Go Ahead Start a Problem!

The good Lord knows that churches of Christ have had problems, most of which have had disastrous results. But some church problems should be energetically sought. What kind? Consider:

        The problem of not enough parking spaces, class rooms and pews. Wouldn't it great if we ran out of them?

        The problem of requests for so many   home Bible studies we can't handle them What if we had so many people asking us  to teach them the word of God we had to put some of them on a waiting list? Would that be great or what!

        The problem of too many members of the church wanting to teach Bible classes.  Wouldn't it be awesome if we had to take numbers and wait in line just to get to teach the Bible?

        The problem of so many youngsters who attend Bible classes we need to add on classrooms. We need such a problem now!

        The problem of wanting to support more evangelists than are available to go into hard places to preach. What a lift it would be if we had so much surplus money that we had to seek out men to support.

        The problem of preachers debating the best way to do personal evangelism and convincing sinners to believe in Christ, repent of their sins and be baptized.

You agree these are good problems? You also agree we have had more than enough of the other kind? If you can cause us to have these problems, have at it-  DRS

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