Twelve Ways to Enrich Your Life

Keep your life simple. Accept the simple things. Do not get into the habit of requiring something that is unusual for your pleasure.

Avoid worrying about your health. If you have any doubts about your health, go to the doctor.

Learn to enjoy work. If you feel pleased about doing something important in society, you will feel the sense of success.

Have a good hobby. A hobby gives you something interesting to do so life will not become boring and you will not think about your troubles.

Learn to be satisfied. A satisfied person will be happy, and that helps keep a person healthy.

Learn to like people. The greatest pleasure comes from giving pleasure to other people-to a person who works with you, to the next-door neighbor, and to your family.

Get into the habit of saying cheerful, pleasant things and smiling. People will enjoy your company and will smile at you.

Accept problems with courage. Realize and accept that you cannot change everything. Then keep living the best possible way.

Do not be afraid to make decisions. Decide what you are going to do about a problem, then do not worry about the problem.

Always do your best. Do your best in your work, your thinking, and helping other people. The future will be as good as the present if you do your best all the time.

Think positive about today and the future. You will not have a pleasant day if you continually think something bad may happen to you. Thinking something good may happen in your life will make your present moment a positive experience.

Trust God and follow [obey] His ways.

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