Two Gun Crowley

Quite a few years ago, in May of 1931, the city of New York witnessed the capture of one of the most dangerous criminals the city up to that time had ever seen. His name was “Two Gun” Crowley.”

 He had shown himself to be the kind of man who would kill at the drop of a hat. Some time before his capture he had been parked at the side of a road when a policeman came up and asked to see his license. Without saying a word Crowley drew his gun and cut the policeman down. Then, as the officer lay dying, Crowley jumped out of his car, took the policeman’s revolver and fired another bullet into the body.

What did this man, “Two Gun” Crowley, think of himself as a person? We know, because when he was finally captured in his girl friend’s apartment at the end of an hour-long gun battle involving hundreds of police, a bloodstained note was discovered that had been written by Crowley during the battle. It said, “Under my coat is a weary heart, but a kind one - one that would do nobody any harm.

Later, Crowley was sentenced to the electric chair. When he arrived on death row at Sing Sing, he did not say, “This is what I get for killing policemen.” No! . He said, “This is what I get for defending myself.” The point is that “Two Gun” Crowley did not blame himself for anything.

Now if that was true of “Two Gun” Crowley and other criminals, how much more true it is of normal men and women like you and me. We sin, but we cover up the sin. We refuse to acknowledge it even to ourselves. No wonder, then, that Jesus taught we are to acknowledge it first of all. We are to admit our anger, acknowledging our guilt, and we are to do this as the first step to its cure. - 1 John 1:7-10.

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