The Unbelieving Companion

Thousands of Christians are married to non-Christians.  The results, of course, is a divided home and a divided home is not the happiest in the world.  Regardless of how happy that home may be, it would be happier were it not divided.

Naturally, the thing uppermost in the mind of the Christian partner in that marriage is the conversion of his or her companion.  Not only does such a conversion affect the happiness of that home, but more important, it determines the spiritual destiny of the one who is converted.  It is therefore proper that a few suggestions be made as to how the companion may be won to Christ.

1. You cannot drive one to Christ.  The power of the gospel is a drawing power, not a driving power (John 6:44-45).  If you try to drive someone to accept the gospel, you are more likely to produce a revolt in that person, and you may bring out the stubborn nature that may be dormant in an otherwise even-tempered personality.

2. You will never win your companion by staying away from church services.  Regardless of how much opposition you may receive at home, your companion will not respect you in your religious convictions unless he sees you attending services regularly and faithfully.  If you forsake the assemblies of the saints, you will not only fail to win his soul, but you may lose yours.

3. The best way to win an unbelieving companion is to set a good example of godly spiritual living.  Peter admonished, “In like manner, ye wives, be in subjection to your husbands: that even if any obey not the word, they may without the word be gained by the behavior of their wives, beholding your chaste behavior coupled with fear” (I Peter 3:1-2).  Many wives have won their husbands, and husbands their wives, by the example of pure Christian living they presented.

4. Be patient!  Many companions have been won to Christ only after many months and years of work and prayer.  If you do not win your companion to Christ right away, don’t become discouraged.  Keep trying!  The soul is too important for you to give up.  Patience is most important, but remember that patience must be coupled with earnest prayer.

If you are not yet married, win your future husband or wife to Christ before the wedding.  It is much easier that way.

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