Unnecessary Cooperation

It sometimes seems that what is called “cooperation” among churches is no more than over ambitious promotions. Some are filled with enthusiasm to promote various projects that take on more grandeur when there is an amalgamation of local churches. It reminds me of the story of the woman who had completed a course in “First Aid.” She was anxious to apply her newly acquired skills. She was amazed to see a man lying face down in the street and people passing by unconcerned and offering no help.

She rushed up to the man, tugged and pulled in an effort to turn him over. Being unable to budge him, she straddled him and began giving artificial respiration. After a few minutes, the man turned his head and said to the woman, “Lady I have no idea what is wrong with you, but I am trying to hold this light steady for my co-worker down in this manhole.”

Cooperation and good intentions are fine in their place, but like the promotions of many zealous religionists are given a lot of “first aid” that is totally unnecessary. The work of the Lord’s church is done in utter simplicity and sincerity and needs no man-made machinery to get it done. Misdirected energy and unnecessary cooperation are usually more hindrance than help.

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