What Are You Doing Sunday?

Planning a trip to the country? Going visiting to relative’s house? Fishing? Boating? Golf? Preparing for a “Sunday headache”? The reason I ask is that there around 50 people who appear to be members of this congregation who never seem to make it to Bible classes or to worship. You can see the possibility, can you not?

I don’t believe people who go fishing or golfing or who allow Sunday aches and pains to come between them and their study of the Bible and worship of God are living as the Lord wants them to live -- do you? Why is it that the same people who allow leisure activities and sundry special ailments to keep them from religious activities never seem to suffer the same problem with secular activities? Sunday problems seem to suddenly dissolve Monday morning for such people. Why? Ache or not, people go to work Monday morning. Fishing and golf have to be worked around work time -- but not worship and Bible study time. Why?

Do you agree with me that the reward for faithful service to God is worth more than your pay check? If not, tell me why I am wrong. If so, why not be faithful in your obligations to assemble with us every time we meet?

What are you doing Sunday? Make plans to be in a Bible class right here at Valley Station. You and your family will be much better off and the Lord will reward you for doing what is right. Don’t stay away from the assembly. -- DRS

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