What I Really Want

I have seen majestic mountains that tower to the sky. 
I have seen the verdant valleys, have watched the eagle fly. 
I have seen the fruited hills, and the fields of golden grain. 
I have seen storm clouds gather, seen the sun break thru again. 
But what I really want to see, and long so to behold, 
Are jasper walls, gates of pearl, and streets of purest gold. 
I want to see the crystal sea sparkling before the throne. 
I want to see the throne itself, and him who sits thereon.

I have seen spring's flowered meadows, the seas and coastal sands. 
I have seen great waterfalls plunging on to lower lands. 
I have seen autumnal hues, crimson sunsets fill the sky, 
and unnumbered stars on high. 
But what I really want to see is what's beyond the blue, 
Beyond the stars, where angels dwell, a land with joy endued. 
I want to see what I shall be when freed from mortal clay. 
I want to see my heavenly home, the mansions he has made.

I have seen marvellous creatures of land and sky and sea, 
Seen their pow' r, their stunning grace and their e~quisite beauty. 
I have seen many people, family and hosts of friends, 
I have seen men of renown, men on whom fame did descend. 
But what I really want to see is Jesus, face to face. 
I want to see the redeemed ones, those saved by his great grace, 
Peter and Paul, and Moses too, and dear ones gone before. 
I want to dwell with him. and them. in heav'n forevermore.

I have heard the stirring anthems of mighty marching bands, 
Thunder roar, the canine wail, and the violin' s sweet strands. 
I have heard small children laugh, and the infant' s helpless cries. 
I have heard the soft soothing tones of mothers' lullabies. 
But what I really want to hear is Jesus call my name, 
To hear him say that he knows me; of me he's not ashamed. 
I want to hear the angels sing, what music that must be. 
And as their voices mix and blend, I hope there's room for me.

I have felt the blasts of winter, seen earth shiver from cold. 
I have seen, as passing seasons, friends age as they grow old. 
I have stood by open graves, have heard broken hearts' goodbyes. 
I have felt sorrow's deep pangs, and so I have had to cry. 
So what I reaUy want to see is heaven's endless day, 
Where all my friends are ever young, and death cannot dismay. 
I want to live where there's no pain, and tears ne'er dim the eye. 
And what I really want, I'll have, in the sweet by and by.

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