What Is a Minister?

Somewhere, between the call of God and the heart of the hospital, there exists a specialist in everything and variously called minister or preacher.

He is a hero to his wife, a stranger to his children, a fine boy to his mother, an easy touch to the “down and outers,” a recipient of continual criticism, an expected example to the flock and a name on many mailing lists.

To some he is a fuddy-duddy; to some he is a stuffed-shirt; to he is a guy who has nothing to do but prepare a couple of 30-minute sermons each week; to some he is a person in whose presence certain things must not be practiced; to some, if he tries to get things done better, he’s trying to run things; to some, if he works hard and does things that are left undone, he’s trying to get personal attention and glory.

To some he is a dear friend, a “Johnny on the spot”. When death hovers near, he is the one that stays on after the doctor leaves. He is the one who at times can mend up a broken marriage, but cannot find time to mend his wife’s broken toaster. He is the one who marries the young lovers, prays with the sick and buries the dead. He is a promoter, public orator, errand boy, typist, file clerk, public relations director, business execu­tive, prophet, counselor, bookworm, diplomat, human being, sinner scor­cher, saint praiser, planner, pusher, and puller.

His hours run about 12 per day, seven days per week. So when one of the “40 hour-a-week,” (vacation with pay) brethren says, “Boy, if you had to work like we do....” ...he just swallows a couple of times and solilo­quizes, “wouldn’t that be nice;?” So be patient with your preacher. Remember, he doesn’t have a preacher to go to with his problems.

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