Who Is Most Important?

During a serious and dangerous operation, a surgeon asked a young intern, ”Who is the most important person in this operating room?”

The intern groped for an appropriate answer. He didn't believe that his mentor was asking for personal compli­ments, so, trying to sound gracious, he replied, “I suppose that it would be these nurses who assist you in such an efficient manner.”

The surgeon shook his head and said, “No, the most important individual in this room is the patient.”

It's possible to overlook the obvious. In personal Bible study it’s easy to forget that the most important elenent is YOU. Whether you find profit or not depends on your attitude.

What is the right attitude to bring to Bible study? First, approach the Bible with a sense of your own need, not simply to teach it to someone else.

Second, approach the Bible with humility. Don’t try to make the Bible say what you would like it to say, but study to discover what God has said.

German theologian Johann Bengel said, “Be like a maker of a well who brings no water to his source but allows the water he finds there to flow freely without stoppage, diver­sion, or defilement.” Those who do that will grow like trees “planted by the rivers” (Psalm 1:3). -Haddon Robinson

Afraid to see what's in God's Book?

It’s meant for you, don’t fail to look.

The words and thoughts contained therein

Will bring God's peace and cleanse your sin. -Beals

bible study is meant not merely to inform but to transform

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