Who Would Miss Us?

Let us suppose that last Sunday’s service was the last that this congregation would ever be permitted to hold. Who in this community would miss us the most? Would the poor? The orphans? The Widows? Or the sinners? Or would it perhaps be the utility companies, the contractors, and the building supply people? Comfortable buildings are important and necessary. But should they be our major impact on the community?

Are we wielding the proper forces for good in our community? Are we loved and appreciated by the people for the good things we are doing? In what ways do we touch the lives of those people outside our circle of fellowship? Are we doing as much as we are capable of doing and should be doing?

In many ways we have become a society for mutual edification. Our worship services should be times of mutual edification and upbuilding. But we should depart from them to serve humanity. Our Lord was described as a person ‘who went about doing good.’ (Acts 10:38) He will not be satisfied with us if we do any less than follow in his footsteps. (1 Pet. 2:21)

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