by Dave Branon

The word whodunit is actually in the dictionary. It means "detective story." The most important whodunit of all time is the question of creation.

Some people wish the Bible said, "In the beginning, God wasn't needed." To them, it's unacceptable to say, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Gen. 1:1), or "Let Us make man in our image" (v.26).

Instead, they believe that after an explosion of energy and matter, some­how an atmosphere conducive to life was formed. Then, single-celled organ­isms morphed into the exceedingly complex life forms we have today.

No need for God, they say, for it all happened naturally. On an earth and making, forces with a blueprint designed by no· one joined together to place the earth perfectly for life to thrive.

What we do with "In the beginning God" is at the center of it all. We must either believe His Word—and everything His Word claims—or we must believe that our meaningless lives resulted from an accidental, mindless chain reaction. What a stark contrast to "Let' Us make man in Our image"!

In the beginning. Was it God? Or was it chance? Our answer to this whodunit reveals whether or not we truly worship the awesome God of creation. - Via RBC, Daily Bread

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