Why We Lose Young People

Recently two questions were posted on an Internet discussion list. Why are we losing people and second, why can’t we keep our young people­. Here is a response given by a young college student:

Hi, I’m almost 23 and in my last year of college. I believe I can help you with the 2nd question about youth. I’ve got 3 theories which may be separate, in combination, or not at all true, but here they are...

1. Today’s youth have more freedom to be with their friends because of a lack of “home”...i.e. mom and dad both work a lot and kids are with friends. The home is where the church begins. Children are left with even “good” friends, who go to church and all...but our children of the current and upcoming generations see the youth groups and ball teams and chili suppers that their friends churches have and think “when I get old enough, I’ll show them...I’ll go to that church too!” because parents don’t let their children attend these things and thus “must be punishing them for something”.

2. We’re losing our youth because we’re losing our youth. That may sound strange, but I’ve lost a lot of friends from church because there “weren’t any Christians my age” and have had a lot of potential christians quit attending because of the same reason. Kids want to go where there’s not just “a bunch of old guys telling the church what to do.” (Yes, I’ve actually heard that one!) They need “youth groups” (of a scriptural sort of course.) Bad company corrupts good morals??? No, it’s not a good excuse. There’s not a good excuse, but I’ve heard this one way too many times.

3. Kids today are WAY TOO BUSY! We’ve got band and football and FBLA and the foreign language club and the girlfriends and the jobs to pay for the cars and girlfriends and the homecoming committee and the science fair project and, on the back burner, the homework and the church. Parents aren’t telling kids no. “But, It’ll look good on a resume’ or college application.” SO WHAT! We’re not here to get the best job. We’re here to get a job good enough to support our families and to serve God. We don’t HAVE to be in the French Club this year and we don’t HAVE to work the overtime to get new rims and a CD player for the car.... My dad’s first car was like Fred Flintstone’s (hole where the feet should go) and he was PROUD to have it!

I hope this helps. Like I said, I may not be right...or this may not be what you’re looking for, but it’s what I’ve seen around here. - Chrystal Keisler

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