The Worth of Bible Classes

Do you remember the first Bible class you attended? Can you remember who taught it? Remember any others who were in the class? Can you recall any of the lessons that specially stand out in your mind? Can you remember where you were when you attended your first Bible class?

If you recall just one or two of the above you probably were in an excellent class with a very proficient teacher. However, if about the only thing you recall is where it took place, there was probably much lacking.

We need to have Bible classes that will long be remembered; classes that will leave a lasting impression on students. In order to do that Bible classes must be exciting and challenging. A teacher who is well prepared can make that happen.

Primarily, Bible classes must be BIBLE classes, not play time. The Bible is an exciting and challenging book. Our duty is to convey that to students.
A Few Tips:

1. Teach the class the fundamental points in each lesson

2. Make the lesson personally applicable.

3. Teach with enthusiasm and zeal.

4. Use interesting visual aids.

5. Use appropriate illustrations to which a class can relate.

6. Let students know you are thrilled to be their teacher.

7. Attempt to get response from each student.

8. Make the classroom attractive and relevant to the lesson.

9. Know your students.

10. Pray for wisdom and do not neglect personal study.

Every local church has some who never regularly attend classes. If any of you here at Warfield Blvd. are like that and you want to help make our Bible classes memorable, try attending one regularly! You have no idea what a boost it is to a teacher to see no empty chairs in the classroom. Study the lesson and make every effort to contribute to the study. Good Bible classes are very worth while in growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus (2 Pet. 3:18)

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