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1. What is Mormonism?
2.  Sacred Books of Mormonism
3. Book of Mormon and Mormon Doctines
4. The Flaw in the Plot of the Book of Mormon
5. False Prophecies of Joseph Smith, Jr.
6. False Prophecy of the Civil War
7. False Prophecy About Zion
8. Baptism for the Dead--A Mormon Hallmark
9. Changes in Mormon “Revelations” - An Unanswerable Argument

10. Is the LDS Jesus the true Jesus of the Bible by Bo Perrin

Special! The Secret Mormon Temple Ceremonies have been recorded and transcribed. They are divided into segments because of the length of the entire document. The material is not copyrighted and is being made available here on this web site.

Secret Mormon Temple Ceremonies
1. Introduction:
2. Explanation And Commentary:
3. Overview of Mormon Temple Ceremonies:
4. The Creation Drama:
5. Temple Ceremonies: The Veil of the Temple:
6. Temple Ceremonies -- Continued:
7. The Creation Room and the Ceremony:
8. The Garden of Eden -- Ceremony:
9. Law of Sacrifice -- Ceremony:
10. Lone and Dreary World -- Ceremony:
11. Law of the Gospel:
12. The Terrestrial World -  The Law of Chastity
13. Law of Consecration Ceremony
14. The Prayer Circle:
15. The Ceremony at the Vail
16. Temple Marriages for Time and Eternity

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