A Voice From the Past (1956)

By the late G.C. Brewer

“What We May Expect from Present Trends

    “Sometimes we have men who are predicting another division in the church and a wholesale di­gression of churches. This well may be feared. But the love of success, the ambition for big programs, the tendency towards making a preacher an executive with such a multiplicity of activities to supervise that he has to have a dozen secretaries and helpers can easily cause the creation of an "institutional" church that has little resemblance to a New Testament congregation. It would be a glorious thing if all the so-called members of the churches over the country were forced to sit at the feet of a gospel preacher for a series of six weeks' preach­ing each year. Gospel preaching would stave off any departures and would create and educate some real Christians to carry on the work of the Lord. There is no substitute for gospel preaching. Therefore, there is no substitute for our old-time meetings.

    (Ed. Note: This quote came from an article printed in the Gospel Advocate, April 12, 1956. The author was brother G.C. Brewer, a very powerful preacher of that era. Gospel Advocate is a religious paper published in Nashville, Tennessee and has for many years taken a more liberal stance toward many of the changes that have occurred in churches of Christ.

    The changes brother Brewer anticipated have come to a reality. In the web sites, bulletins, and programs churches put out there is credible evidence of the changes brother Brewer anticipated. Some churches of Christ have folly “modernized” their entire operation. One old-time preacher used to say “Brethren, we are drifting”.

Brewer’s call for pure gospel preaching would not be a very bad idea for our time. Who is willing to try it? I hate to be a pesimist but our voice here is so small and restricted that it is doubtful it will carry much weight. Sad! Valley Station church will not drift in the direction some churches of Christ have. - DRS

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