Religious Issues (Alphabetized)



“Antichrist” and the Anointing” 

A Holy Ghost Filled Church 

A New Command That is Not New  

After Death Experiences

A Voice From the Paast (1956) by G.C. Brewer

Alcoholic and Other Kinds of Drug Abuse - 


Baptism in Jesus’ Name   

Becoming a Member of the Church   

Can a Saved Person Become Lost?

Christians Cannot Sin . . .

Christians Do Not Sin

Conversion and Human Depravity (Calvinism)

Covenants - Jeremiah 31:31-32

Design of Baptism

Direct Operation of the Holy Spirit in Conversion

Divorce and Remarriage

Do You Hear Voices? 

Errors of Pentecostalism

Facts About Revelation 20  

Faith Healing – So-Called

Faith in the Book of James

Fellowship With God

For What Purpose Did Jesus Build His Church?

God’s Promises and Premillennialism  

He is Our Propitiation -

Historical Data on “Tongue Speaking”

Holy Spirit Baptism

Homosexuality and Lesbianism

I Don't Want to Judge . . .  

If We Confess . . . 

Instrumental Music in Worship

Interpreting Revelation 20 

Is There a “Baptismal Formula”?

Love is OF God -- God IS Love

Love the World -- Do Not Love the World  


My Church -- Its Meaning

Not Baptized to be Saved — Saved to be Baptized

Our Helper - Our Substitute  

Our Hope

On the Rock - Matthew 16:18

Prayer to Mary, Mother of Jesus

Prophecy of Daniel - “Seventy Weeks”

Reflections on the “Gospel of Judas”. Ethan Longhenry

Repentance and Faith 

Roman Catholicism - “The Primacy of Peter”

Salvation is in Christ’s Church

Salvation is in Christ’s Church  

Same Sex Marriage

Senior Pastors

Speaking in "Unknown Tongues"

Studies in Jehovah’s Doctrines  

Studies in Mormonism

Sunday or Saturday for Christians

The Battle of Armageddon

The Christian and Gambling (Lottery)

The Bible: Its Wonderful Unity 

The Church - the Work It is To Do

The Church Which Jesus Built and the World in Which it Exists

The Da Vinci Hoax, Dr. James Hitchcock, Ph.D

The Design and Purpose of the Four Gospels

The Establishment of the Church

The Genuiness of Mark 16:9-20

The Godhead

The Government of Jesus’s Church  

The Lord’s Supper, a Memorial

The Lost Tribes of Israel

The Mark of the Beast

The Middle East War - Speculations  

The Millennium 

The Mission Jesus Gave the Church

The Name of Christ’s Church

The Nature of Jesus Christ

The New Birth

The New Command -- Old From the Beginning

The Old and New Law  

The ONE “True” Church 

The Organization of the Church

The Restoration of Israel 

The Sabbath Day    

The Sabbath Day - Concluded  

The Tribulation, Fact or Fiction?

The Worship of the  Church   

This is Conversion

Trick or Treat?

Walking in the Light - 1 

Walking in the Light - 2

Was Peter the First Pope?

What is a Miracle? by Phil Roberts

What Manner of Love  

What NOT to do With Your Money  

When to Observe the Lord’s Supper

Who is the Antichrist?

Why is the Church in the World?

Why Study the New Testament   

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